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Baseball Is Back

Alas, pitchers and catchers have reported! Well, at least for eight teams, including my favorite team the Mariners, and all they’ve really done is show up on a field somewhere and let the coaches know they’re alive. I know Seattle won’t even start official drills until Thursday, so nothing much really happens today.

However, pitchers and catchers reporting symbolize something so much bigger. For baseball-crazed fans like me, the winter is long, harsh, and cold, even with football and basketball. I have been longing for baseball and it has finally returned with pitchers and catchers reporting!

Spring may not start until March 20 according to the calendar, but if you ask me, it started today. The sun was shining (though it was awfully cold), and I could just imagine Jamie Moyer, Eddie Guardado, and many others driving up to the ballpark with duffle bags in hand and baseball on their minds. Soon drills will start, then spring training games, then several rounds of cuts, then a few exhibition games, and finally the actual season opener! Baseball has returned!