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Take A Look At Langerhans

Ryan LangerhansSo far the Mariners are undefeated since Endy Chavez went down for the year in that ugly collision with Yuniesky Betancourt. However, the Mariners could use a replacement for him, and the only somewhat legitimate option in AAA is Prentice Redman. Michael Saunders is a tempting choice, but I do not think he is quite ready, and he would be better served playing every day in a league where he still has some things to learn.

The answer may be rotting away in Syracuse for the Washington Nationals, Ryan Langerhans. Instead of making the case for Langerhans, I will let a great piece written over at U.S.S. Mariner do the talking. All I will add is that he should be cheap to acquire. With the Nationals pitching woes, a couple of guys along the lines of Doug Fister, Andrew Baldwin, Randy Messenger, and Jesus Delgado might be enough.