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Roars and Grumbles

My friends and I have catchy (in our heads) pseudonyms for most months. Some, like Manuary, we have taken from popular culture (or popular counterculture?) Others, such as Feb-ROAR-ary, are our own.*

*Notice how Feb-ROAR-ary doubles as a handy way to remember how to spell February

Why do I bring up Feb-ROAR-ary? For no good reason, to be honest. It seemed like a nice way to ease into this post. A handful of things have been passing through my head that make me want to grumble. However, grumbles don't get views on the internet - ROARS do. So here are my ROARS about some recent tidbits I've come across:

  • This is simply awesome. How about trying to train in a volcanic eruption? The epitome of Feb-ROAR-ary!
  • Why did the Chone Figgins to the A's trade talk pick up so much steam in the media? The deal only made sense for the Mariners if it relieved them of Chone's contract. It only made sense for the A's if the M's paid a majority of it. While the players rumored in the deal make sense, the numbers do not add up. They never did, and yet nobody seemed to really notice.
  • This tweet by Jon Heyman today drives me nuts. It stems from reports that Cuban might buy a share of the Mets, after missing out on the Rangers. Heyman has great connections in baseball, but his personal views more often than not grate on my mind like nails on a chalkboard. Heyman's claim that Cuban is a grandstander is beyond ridiculous. Has he forgotten how serious Cuban was about buying the Cubs a few years ago? Is a $600 million bid or so in an auction that went into the wee hours of the night, against the ownership group endorsed by Major League Baseball, not a legitimate effort to purchase the Texas Rangers? Rob Neyer sums up nicely what's really going on with Mark Cuban and Major League Baseball. Cuban is not a grandstander; he is getting rebuffed, and I have no idea what Heyman saw that prompted him to throw his 140-character bolt of judgement this morning.
  • This is a long-standing grumble, but how pathetically greedy is the McCourt divorce? There is a whole website dedicated to the outcome of the Dodgers in their divorce hearings, which is going to take forever because both McCourts are so greedy and spiteful. They are in a very public, ugly, childish hissy fit. I would love to see a judge take away all of their expensive toys, and send both of them to corners in the courthouse to think about what they've done until they can play nice. In the meantime, I also wonder why MLB owners were so much more agreeable to the McCourts owning a baseball team than Mark Cuban.
That's it from me for now. Any roars or grumbles from you on the internets?