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2012 Draft: Day 3 Preview

If you ask me, day three of the MLB draft should be mostly about senior recognition. The mostly likely MLB talents to sign have almost completely been picked by this point. It's fun to think about potential "diamonds in the rough," but the vast majority of players picked now will only play in the minor leagues.

So, why not reward productive college seniors? I can't think of a better way to recognize a great college player than to draft them, and let them say they played pro ball. Plus, I'm a sucker for production, and whose to say some of these ultra-productive players can't find a way to stay productive as a pro?

My thoughts on college seniors guide my thinking as I compile the day 3 preview. Day 2 is probably my favorite to follow, but this list might be the most fun to put together. History suggests a number of the players I'm about to highlight won't get drafted, but I hope a tip of the cap from my perch in the Pacific Northwest is worth something. Here are some guys to root for as the draft comes to a close:

Players still available from the day 2 preview:

  • Nick Backlund, 1B, Mercer
  • Andrew Barbosa, LHP, South Florida
  • Pat Christensen, RHP, La Salle
  • Ross Heffley, 2B, Western Carolina
  • D.J. Hicks, 1B, Central Florida
  • Zach Kirksey, OF, Mississippi
  • Trenton Moses, 3B, SE Missouri State
  • Kenton Parmley, SS, SE Missouri State
  • Cody Poteet, RHP, Christian HS (CA)
  • Jimmy Reed, LHP, Maryland
  • Josh Scheffert, 3B, Nebraska
  • Chase Stevens, RHP, Oklahoma State
  • Dan Tobik, RHP, Tennessee-Martin
  • Anthony Vega, OF, Manhattan
  • Tyler Webb, LHP, South Carolina

Some highly productive college players from across the nation:

I'll be back at the end of the draft to recap where these players went. If you want to follow along live with the picks, the MLB Draft Tracker is the place to go. I couldn't find what time the draft starts up again. Way to go, MLB, making that info so readily available. My guess is 9am.

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