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2012 Award Winners

I never got around to posting the Baseball Bloggers Alliance (BBA) postseason awards as they were announced. However, thanks to my negligence, the Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA) has also voted on their awards! So, below is a handy table comparing the two associations' choices for 2012:

Connie Mack
AL: Bob MelvinAL: Bob MelvinManager of
NL: Davey JohnsonNL: Davey Johnsonthe Year
Willie Mays
AL: Mike TroutAL: Mike TroutRookie of
NL: Bryce HarperNL: Bryce Harperthe Year
Walter Johnson
AL: Justin VerlanderAL: David PriceCy Young
NL: R.A. DickeyNL: R.A. Dickey
Stan Musial
AL: Mike TroutAL: Miguel CabreraMVP
NL: Buster PoseyNL: Buster Posey

The Baseball Bloggers Alliance also votes on the Goose Gossage award, given to each league's top reliever. This year Fernando Rodney was voted the AL winner, and Craig Kimbrel the NL winner. The Musings is a BBA member, and my ballot (AL only since I am a Mariners blog) can be found here.

The AL MVP debate has had more than enough words written about it at this point. I made my peace with the triple crown a few months ago, and won't write more, other than to note that the BBA picked Trout and the BBWAA picked Cabrera.

Back to warming my hands over the hot stove league...