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2013 Draft - Day 3 Preview

The pomp and circumstance from the draft is definitely over by now, and most of the MLB prospects have been found. There are occasional diamonds in the rough, but most of the third day is about grabbing minor league depth.

This is my once-a-year soapbox rant for productive college seniors to get drafted. Most of them aren't MLB material, but who cares? They contributed to the game at a high level, and they deserve at least a victory lap as a professional for one summer in some league. I wish more teams thought this way. Plus, at this point in the draft, it is rare to find MLB talent, so why not draft great production in bulk and see what happens?

Here is the reloaded board going into the last day of the draft. As usual, the new names are productive college seniors. Take some time to look them up and see their accomplishments. At the very least, I salute these young men for the love of the game.
Available from top 33:
29. Zach Farmer, LHP, Piketon HS (OH)
32. Anfernee Grier, OF, Russell County HS (AL)

Available from day 2 preview:
  • Mike Alexander, C, Delaware State
  • Clinton Freeman, 1B, East Tennessee State
  • Ben McQuown, OF, Campbell
  • Bryan Radziewski, LHP, Miami(FL)
  • Frank Schwindel, C, St. John's
  • Ben Verlander, 1B, Old Dominion
Productive seniors worth drafting:
  • Alex Baker, RHP, Air Force
  • Michael Bass, 2B, UNC Wilmington
  • Kevin Brown, OF, Bryant
  • Pat Christensen, RHP, LaSalle
  • Mike Fish, OF, Siena
  • Trevor Foss, RHP, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi
  • Kelvin Freeman, 1B, North Carolina A&T
  • Mark Leiter, Jr., RHP, NJIT - Mark my words (inside joke), Leiter will get drafted!
  • Brett McKinney, RHP, Ohio State
  • Jordan Parr, UT, Illinois
  • Eric Ruth, RHP, Winthrop
  • Troy Scribner, RHP, Sacred Heart
  • John Straka, RHP, North Dakota State
I will weigh in on the Mariners draft when I get a chance. Not much I can do in the name of analysis when I spend the day working (particularly in the thick of high school graduation season). For now, enjoy the new names of college seniors across the country.

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