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They Still Are the Yankees

I was starting to worry about the Yankees this off-season. After all, the only move they had made was signing Kyle Farnsworth, hardly earth-shattering. Sure, plenty of deals had been rumored but nothing had come to fruition. In fact, it looks like they actually lost the battle for Nomar Garciaparra and they reportedly even lost money last year. I was starting to think that the Yankees may have a new way of doing business this off-season, that maybe they finally had to do business like every other major league team.

Well, the Yankees came roaring to life today and looked just like the Yankees of old. They announced that their center fielder will be Johnny Damon, and it only cost them $52 million over 4 years.

Damon is a big name that is certainly not worth the money the Yankees gave him. However, New York was able to stick it to Boston, so they definitely do not mind overpaying. It only makes the best rivalry in baseball, and arguably all of sports, better.

So, the Yankees got the best centerfielder on the market at a ridiculous price but to be fair, the move also hacked off Red Sox nation. A classic childish but expensive Yankees move. The Yankees certainly have not changed their ways, much to my chagrin. However, upon further review, I guess I really like the deal only because it gives me another reason to hate the Yankees. Damon is a good player and an upgrade for New York, but not worth the money he got. However, has money ever stopped the Yankees?