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Washburn Finally a Mariner

The Mariners finally officially inked starting pitcher Jarrod Washburn, days after the deal had been reported. In the end, the two sides agreed to a 4 year, $37.5 million contract.

In Washburn, the Mariners get a 31-year-old left-hander who is mediocre in many respects. He strikes out an average amount of hitters, gives up an average amount of hits, and pitches an average amount of innings. Though he has never sustained a serious injury, he has been on the disabled list each of the last two years. Washburn will not get alot of double plays either because he relies heavily on fly ball outs. The only thing impressive about him is his ability to limit the running game as no one stole a base when he was on the mound last year. He also put up an impressive 3.20 ERA in 2005, though it should have been much higher based on any other number. Overall, the Mariners probably overpaid for Jarrod Washburn.

However, that does not mean this was a bad signing. The only better free agent starter available was Kevin Millwood, and he wanted a five year deal, which the Mariners were probably smart to balk at. In Washburn, the Mariners get a remarkably steady starter who is productive. Though that may not sound exciting, it is when you look at how the Mariners' starters performed as a whole in 2005. There is no doubt that Jarrod Washburn will improve the Mariners starting rotation and that is why this is a good signing, even if the price tag was too high.