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Projected MLB Standings

How to read the projected standings:
Team name, Projected record (wins gained/lost since last projection), Games back

Rangers91-71 (+2)-Giants90-72 (0)-
Athletics81-81 (-1)10Padres90-72 (0)-
Angels79-83 (+1)12Rockies88-74 (0)2
Mariners63-99 (-2)28Dodgers80-82 (-1)10

Diamondbacks67-95 (-1)23
Twins96-66 (+2)-Reds90-72 (0)-
White Sox87-75 (-1)9Cardinals85-77 (-2)5
Tigers80-82 (-1)16Astros76-86 (+1)14
Indians68-94 (0)28Brewers75-87 (-1)15
Royals67-95 (+1)29Cubs73-89 (+1)17

Pirates55-107 (-1)34
Rays98-64 (+1)-Phillies94-68 (+1)-
Yankees97-65 (-2)1Braves91-71 (-1)3
Red Sox91-71 (+1)7Marlins82-80 (0)12
Blue Jays80-82 (-1)18Mets81-81 (+1)13
Orioles65-97 (+2)33Nationals70-92 (0)24
Wild CardWild Card
Yankees97-65 (-1)-Braves91-71 (-1)-
Red Sox91-71 (+1)6Padres90-72 (0)1
White Sox87-75 (-1)10Rockies88-74 (0)3
ALDS Match-upsNLDS Match-ups
Rangers vs. RaysGiants vs. Phillies
Yankees vs. TwinsBraves vs. Reds

The Twins are surging, to the point that they could end up with the best record in the American League. At the very least, they probably snuffed out any hope of a shocking surge from the White Sox...Meanwhile, in the NL, the west is red hot right now. It is a three-team race, and to add another dimension to the race, their records put them right in the middle of the wild card hunt too. It looks like there will be a nation-wide pennant chase in the final weeks, as seemed likely throughout the year according to the projected standings.