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2007 Draft: Day 2 Preview

After a fun first day, there are still 45 rounds to go in the MLB draft, and likely at least a handful of major-leaguers yet to be drafted! First of all, six players from my list of 25 still remain:
  • Bryan Henry, SP, Florida State
  • Tony Watson, SP, Nebraska
  • Nick Chigges, SP, College of Charleston
  • Josh Collmenter, SP, Central Michigan
  • Adam Mills, SP, Charlotte
  • Dominic de la Osa, SS, Vanderbilt

To make tomorrow a little more interesting to follow, here's a list of position players that I considered for my 25 to watch list that are yet to be drafted:
  • John Allman, Kansas
  • Mike Brown, Kentucky
  • James Conrad, Lafayette
  • Ryan Curry, Bradley
  • Parker Dalton, Texas A&M
  • Jimmy Gallagher, Duke
  • Mark Hallberg, Florida State
  • Justin Henry, Mississippi
  • Ryan Hill, Rutgers
  • Aaron Ivey, Oklahoma
  • Logan Johnson, Louisville
  • Tim Smith, Arizona State
  • Brian Spear, Kentucky
  • Brandon Waring, Wofford
  • Chance Wheeless, Texas
  • Robbie Widlansky, Florida Atlantic
  • Dave Williams, Rutgers
  • Ty Wright, Oklahoma State
To be completely clear, this is far from a complete list, or an extremely well-considered list. This is simply an alphabetical list of players who had great seasons that I looked at only close enough to conclude they were not better than any I put on my list of 25 to watch. With that in mind, here are some pitchers to look for on day two:
  • Adrian Alaniz, Texas
  • Tyson Brummett, UCLA
  • Daniel Edwards, Kansas State
  • Zack Pitts, Louisville
  • Stephen Porlier, Oklahoma
  • Josh Satow, Arizona State
  • Mike Stutes, Oregon State
  • Robert Woodard, North Carolina
Since only five rounds were completed on day one, day two is way more interesting than usual. There's definitely still major league talent to be found and signed out there.