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2007 Draft: Rounds 2-5

*continuing from the first post, I’ve abbreviated “25 to watch list” to “25TW”

2:24 PM – Yes, back to good ads. The Overbay one just aired again, preceded by DOUBLE PLAY TWINS!

2:31 PM – Wow, didn’t notice that the draft has started up again. Thanks ESPN2 coverage. Todd Frazier went to the Reds at #34. I’m switching to the press room coverage to make sure I don’t miss any more picks.

2:34 PM – James Adkins went to the Dogers with the 39th pick. The 25TW are flying off the board much quicker than the guys I identified last year. Kellen Kulbacki also went to the Padres with pick 40. He’s an outfielder who almost cracked the 25TW list. Once again, the Padres are all over guys that I looked closely at, just like last year.

2:37 PM – The A’s took Sean Doolittle at pick 41. He was a two-way player who almost cracked my 25TW as a pitcher, though most see him as a hitter. He’s an intriguing prospect as either a pitcher or a hitter, and could develop into something given that he will finally focus on only one position. The picks are coming really fast now.

2:39 PM – Wow, the Padres just picked and didn’t take a guy I looked at! Granted, the guy they did take is a high-schooler.

2:42 PM – The first local guy, Edward Kunz out of Oregon State, went with pick 42 to the New York Mets.

2:42 PM – The Cubs just took Josh Donaldson, a guy on the 25TW. The players available on that list are dwindling.

2:44 PM – On the 25TW the following are still available: Tyler Mach, Bryan Henry, Eric Sogard, Tony Watson, Will Kline, Travis Banwart, Josh Horton, Tony Thomas Jr., Mitch Canham, Nick Chigges, Josh Collmenter, Cory Luebke, Adam Mills, Corey Brown, Dominic de la Osa, and David Newmann.

2:47 PM - …And the M’s are back on the clock. I’m eying Mitch Canham or Eric Sogard myself, maybe even Bryan Henry.

2:48 PM – and the Mariners take Matt Mangini, a third baseman from Oklahoma State. People were really high on this guy at the start of the year, but he disappointed a little. He’s considered a great hitting prospect. Personally, I think his teammate Tyler Mach is better, and he’s also a much more local kid.

2:51 PM – I’m not in love with the Mariners draft thus far, but there are definitely many teams having worse days. Both of these first two picks are hard to argue with, though neither of them are home runs in my book. Aumont has the potential to be a home run though.

2:53 PM – Nick Hagedone, a UW product, goes to the Red Sox.

2:56 PM – The Padres are at it again! They just picked Mitch Canham! This is two straight years that it seems like we’re looking at the same list.

2:59 PM – I should’ve know it would be the A’s who would take Corey Brown, the man who would be a blue-chip talent if not for the strikeouts. He’s a classic moneyball pick, and makes the A’s two for two in picking guys off the 25TW list.

3:03 PM – Ed Easley just got picked by the D’Backs. He almost made the 25TW list.

3:06 PM – Unbelievable! The Padres just picked Corey Luebke, a guy I thought would go much later. I didn’t hear anything about him at all. I need to get a job with the Padres. Check another off the 25TW list.

3:07 PM – The Padres finish out the supplemental round by taking Danny Payne, a guy who almost made the 25TW list. I had him listed as an outfielder, but he was announced as a pitcher. I don’t if that means the Padres are making him a pitcher, or if it has no meaning at all.

3:24 PM – Will Kline goes to the Devil Rays with the first pick of the second round. The Devil Rays are having a great draft. They’re really maximizing their picks.

3:31 PM - On the 25TW the following are still available: Tyler Mach, Bryan Henry, Eric Sogard, Tony Watson, Travis Banwart, Josh Horton, Tony Thomas Jr., Nick Chigges, Josh Collmenter, Adam Mills, Dominic de la Osa, and David Newmann.

3:32 PM – Brian Rike, an outfielder from Louisiana Tech, just went to the Colorado Rockies. He was among the players I considered for the 25TW list.

3:34 PM – Grant Desme, a guy just left off the 25TW list, was just drafted by the A’s. The M’s are on the clock…

3:36 PM – And the Mariners pick Denny Almonte, a high school outfielder from Florida.

3:42 PM – And the Padres stick to the 25TW list with Eric Sogard! This is pretty much as unbelievable as last year at this point. He’s getting compared to Dustin Pedroia, which is a very good comparison.

3:45 PM – Matt Mattair, a local prep star from Southridge High School, just went to the Phillies.

3:49 PM – The Padres just selected Brad Chalk, I guy I (surprise) looked pretty hard at adding to the 25TW list. His lack of power is ultimately what kept him off the list. I think Chalk is very similar to Jason Tyner.

3:53 PM – The A’s just picked Josh Horton, a shortstop I absolute love. He’s an ideal number two hitter, and he fits the moneyball system beautifully.

4:02 PM – The Cubs just took Tony Thomas. Lou’s going to like this draft class. That’s the second 25TW guy they’ve landed.

4:06 PM – The Nationals nabbed another local product, Stephen Souza from Cascade High School.

4:11 PM – The M’s just picked another high school outfielder, Danny Carroll.

4:18 PM – I think we’re down to the 25TW who are going to slide for a while.

4:22 PM - On the 25TW the following are still available: Tyler Mach, Bryan Henry, Tony Watson, Travis Banwart, Nick Chigges, Josh Collmenter, Adam Mills, Dominic de la Osa, and David Newmann.

4:24 PM – The Padres are on the clock, will they take another guy on my list?

4:26 PM – And San Diego goes with a high school right-hander, so obviously not on the list.

4:32 PM – Yeah, neither the Padres nor the A’s took a guy on my list with their most recent picks. I think we are down to the guys who are going to stick around for a long time.

4:37 PM – The Devil Rays just took David Newmann to start the fourth round! They’ve tied the A’s and Padres for most players picked from my 25TW list!

4:51 PM – The M’s just took in the fourth round Nolan Gallagher, a guy who kind of flamed out with Stanford this year. Not the most inspiring pick, but the M’s must see something in him. This is the point in the draft where I really soured on what the M’s were doing last year.

4:54 PM – With a quick glance at Nolan Gallagher, I think the Mariners really blew it with this pick. Stanford put high expectations on him at the start of the year, and he clearly failed. That’s not to say he has no talent, but he clearly needs development time, and there are plenty of college pitchers still available who are much better.

4:55 PM – The Reds just took Blake Stouffer, a guy who was in consideration for the 25TW list.

4:57 PM – To continue on Gallagher, his ERA was over 7.00 this year. This is a worse pick than the ill-fated Ricky Orta selection last year. How can the M’s justify this pick in any way?

4:59 PM – The Phillies just took Tyler Mach in the fourth round. I think they really might have a steal on their hands, and it’s disappointing that he continues to migrate away from the northwest. He was just compared to Jeff Kent on the radiocast I’m listening to.

5:02 PM – The pick before Mach, Kyle Russell by the Cardinals, was a guy who I almost put on the 25TW list. He’s got tremendous power, but is incredibly strikeout-proned. He’s similar to Corey Brown, except with less speed, and a shorter track record of success.

5:07 PM – The A’s just picked Travis Banwart. I can’t believe he lasted this long, given his great track record and strong showing in the Cape Cod League. I should have known I could count on the Athletics to pick him up. Of all the guys on my list, he was the one that I could not figure out how teams were overlooking.

5:24 PM – The Mariners are on the clock in round five!

5:25 PM – The Mariners go with Joe Dunigan, a guy I didn’t have on the 25TW, but a guy very strongly considered! I’ve never been able to say that about a Mariners pick! This is a great pick, especially compared to the last one.

5:39 PM – Round five is winding down, and I’d be surprised if anyone of the 25TW not picked already is going to go.

5:47 PM – The first day of the draft is done. Overall, the M’s are off to a so-so start. The only pick I really hate is Nolan Gallagher, but they came back and made a nice pick with Joe Dunigan. Phillip Aumont could turn out to be a stud, and he probably should not have made it to the Mariners. It was a good day for the 25TW list, though there are still six players waiting to hear their names called: Bryan Henry, Tony Watson, Nick Chigges, Josh Collmenter, Adam Mills, and Dominic de la Osa. I would expect Henry, Watson, and de la Osa to go rather quickly. However, Chigges, Mills, and Collmenter may be waiting a long time.