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Calm Before the Storm?

It's shocking that so few deals have been announced so far today. There is NO way this many first-round picks don't sign. Keith Law offers an explanation though. He's hearing that many agreements are in place, but that MLB is keeping them from being announced to prevent players and agents from using them as leverage.

I've got three thoughts on this report. First off, Law is well connected, and on top of that it makes sense. I'm thinking he's right, which means we should see a flood of announcements starting around an hour from now.

Second, if baseball is worried the contracts will be used as leverage by players and agents, that probably indicates most deals are for over suggested slot values. This probably should not be shocking to baseball since they reduced recommended bonuses this year.

Third, labor negotiations will begin next year, and the draft is sure to come up. What baseball is doing is essentially collusion. They already have a "recommended" bonus, which they try to hold teams over a barrel to follow. Now, the collusion is even more apparent if they are hiding information as well to try to keep bonuses down. I'm sure the MLBPA will want to talk about the system. They need to anyway, but what may be unfolding right now is ridiculous. I'm a strong supporter of keeping draft bonuses under control, but the system in place right now isn't working.