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Tigers Sign Turner

The Tigers have signed their top pick, high-schooler Jacob Turner, for a rather staggering $5-6.7 million. Even as the ninth overall pick, that is well over slot. However, Detroit has gone way over slot to sign picks in recent years. Justin Verlander, and especially Rick Porcello, are prime examples.

A couple notes about this deal. This is one that may impact Ackley negotiations. There are rumors that Tate has agreed for $6-7 million as well, so something in the neighborhood of $6-7 million may be what it takes to get Ackley. That's well over slot value, but also well under what it will take to get top pick Stephen Strasburg done.

Also, this announcement gives credence to the thought that baseball is trying to keep deals under wraps because they are way over slot value. Seriously, this is collusion at work if that's the case, and it's hard to imagine it not having impacts on labor talks. It would be hyperbole to say we're watching the next work stoppage unfold right now, but I think we're watching an issue develop as the seconds tick away towards the deadline.