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Jack Z Is Santa Claus

Jack ZduriencikIt's official. Cliff Lee is coming to the Mariners in exchange for Phillipe Aumont, Tyson Gillies, and JC Ramirez. Interestingly, the Halladay deal is yet to officially be announced. Small roll of the dice by the Phillies (seems to indicate to me that the rumored failed physical might be holding things up a little). That also puts to rest any other pieces coming to the Mariners.

Not that anyone could ask for anything else. Cliff Lee is a gift that will keep on giving.

The more I've thought about the deal, Jack Zduriencik is Santa Claus. This is the perfect gift to all Mariners fans. Who would be better to get?

John Lackey? No way. He's not as good as Cliff Lee, and costs about $8 million more per year.

Jason Bay? Not a chance. He's also more expensive, and his best attribute (power) is likely to decay in the near future, and will be swallowed up by Safeco's spacious left field.

Matt Holliday? Maybe...but he would be so expensive, and he struggled in his short stint in the AL. I'm willing to gamble that it was a bit of an aberration, but why gamble when you can get someone who won the AL Cy Young only two years ago, and far from struggled last year?

Merry Christmas to all, and have a good night.

However, while all of us have visions of Cy Youngs in our heads, Santa Claus will be hard at work. There are 12 days to Christmas, after all.

I'm going to put this out there right now. Adrian Gonzalez rumors to the Red Sox are heating up. However, Larry Stone tweeted that the M's "won't let him go without a fight." A couple weeks ago, Shannon Drayer wrote a blog post about how the M's and Padres match up. The centerpieces to a potential Adrian Gonzalez deal? Brandon Morrow and Jose Lopez. They are still around. So are Michael Saunders and Carlos Triunfel.

How would Adrian Gonzalez look batting behind Ichiro and Chone Figgins? That's a "what if" that would keep me up all night if I weren't already up psyched out of my mind for Cliff Lee.

Maybe he is the one guy that would be a better gift than Lee. I want to have that debate over which player is a better acquisition for the M's. That would be a nice "problem" to have.

Santa Claus has come to town.