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More Podcasts

Two more podcasts I recorded with Tim Kelly over at Sports Experience are now up and posted. Each runs around 45 minutes, so perfect for an underwhelming, drizzly commute up or down the I-5 corridor, right? Seriously, Memorial Day weekend is supposed to kick off summer, not chuck a day-old sponge at us, like it seems to be today.

I digress. Click here for the podcast where Tim and I take a whirlwind tour through the Mariners minor league system. I mostly gave limited reports off the top of my head, so not surprisingly I left some guys out. The big guys are there though, and it's a good sign that there is enough depth to forget a few guys in a whirlwind tour.

The last podcast (for now) covers some general talk about general managers, and the kickoff of my MLB draft coverage. The podcast can be found by clicking here. Faithful followers of the musings know that the draft is a big deal here, but don't worry, no need for a spoiler alert with the podcast. I will still come out with my top 25 list, and there are only a few glimpses at what it may look like in the podcast.

Lastly, here's an Easter egg for you faithful readers. The kiddy gloves are coming off with this year's draft preview. High schoolers will be discussed, and on the list.