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Byrnes Is Gone, More To Come

That was fast. I was hoping for some action tomorrow, but it happened tonight. Eric Byrnes has been released, and Matt Tuiasosopo sent down. Taking their places are Ryan Langerhans and Josh Wilson.

These are both good moves. I was a fan of bringing up Langerhans a couple hours ago, and I still am. Josh Wilson is a fine addition for now as well. He was hitting in Tacoma (though I doubt he can keep it up), and I like the message being sent that production matters. However, even when Wilson proves he can't hit all that much, his defense at shortstop allows the M's to pinch hit for Jack Wilson in crucial situations late in ballgames.

The only minor problem is that neither Langerhans nor Wilson are on the 40-man roster. One of them will take the spot cleared with Byrnes's release. The other we don't know about yet. Lookout Landing tweeted that Ricky Orta recently had Tommy John surgery, and transferring him to the 60-day DL would do the trick. I also think they could get away with transferring Erik Bedard to the 60-day DL if they wanted to, given that they are targeting a late May return for him as of now. However, Shannon Drayer is reporting that the move won't be transferring anyone to the 60-day DL.

Who knows. This is obviously unfolding as we all digest it. Personally, I think a DL move is likely. I could also see Jesus Colome getting DFA'd, which would require another player to get promoted. Heck, Mike Sweeney came up with a stiff back today, so maybe he lands on the DL.

Something else must happen, we know that for sure. The Mariners don't have anything internally that can change the whole complexion of the offense; but, the roster just got a little better, and the M's aren't done tinkering yet. Zduriencik also made little moves for Ryan Langerhans and Jack Hannahan last year, and for all we know he has another trick up his sleeve.

For now, this is certainly good news. Something had to be done, and the obvious move was made.