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Another Worthwhile Claim

On the heels of a couple somewhat interesting guys I profiled over the weekend comes yet another player designated for assignment that a bunch of teams should take a look at. This afternoon, the Blue Jays designated Edwin Encarnacion for assignment.

First of all, this move makes quite a bit of sense for Toronto. Encarnacion's best tool is his power, and the Blue Jays have more than enough of that already. There was already a squeeze for playing time, and it was only going to get worse as some of Toronto's more advanced prospects (like Brett Wallace) push into the majors.

With that said, a guy like Encarnacion does not pop up on waivers every day. He is only 27 years old, and has undeniable power. He also is an undeniably bad third baseman defensively, but for his career has produced positive WAR seasons because his power is that good. Curiously, Encarnacion has never been tried at other positions, even though his defensive limitations at third are well known.

A team in as desperate need of power as the Mariners should make a claim on Edwin Encarnacion. Mike Carp could be sent down, and Encarnacion could get a look at first base. I would try to mix him into the corner outfield slots too, and maybe even second base a little. If he can defend multiple positions badly with a powerful stick, he isn't a bad bench option for a good team.

Bottom line, the Mariners really need some offense, and I would be looking for cheap power. Encarnacion fits the bill, and the M's have a good chance to get him if they put a claim in on him.