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Life After Niehaus

Niehaus and Rizzs
The 2011 season isn't too far away, mostly for better, but a little for worse. There is going to be a point where I wonder why I haven't heard Dave Niehaus belt out a "Fly, Fly Away!" If the M's are as punchless as last year, it might take a while for me to notice, but I'll notice.

What exactly are the Mariners going to do with the seat Niehaus vacated a little too soon for any of our tastes?

Greg Johns caught up with Randy Adamack, the M's VP of communications, and apparently the right guy to talk to for answers about Dave's successor. John's article can be found here.

I won't summarize the article here; it would defeat the purpose of the link. We will find out what the M's do pretty shortly from the sounds of it though.

What should they do?

If it were up to me, I would make Rick Rizzs the lead play-by-play guy, which would mean having him call the majority of television broadcasts. He has been here a long time, and understands what Niehaus meant to the Mariners and the community. Plus, he is a pretty good broadcaster. Maybe a little too chipper and energetic from time to time, but I find it lovable. In fact, his upbeat demeanor might mesh rather well with the more tranquil approach of Mike Blowers.

Rizzs and Blowers, for me, is the right mix to follow Niehaus. I would love to hear what others think though. If you were Randy Adamack, who would you ask to follow Dave?