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T-Mobile Mariners

This post is completely inspired by a similar (or maybe the better word is identical) post on Lookout Landing. Using my phone (perhaps you can take educated guesses on what I have from the title) and letting it predict what I'm trying to text, here are most of the interesting guesses my phone came up with:

David AardsmaDavid Absence (too true right now)
Erik BedardErik Before
Dan CortesFan Amster
Doug FisterDoug Mister
Jose FloresLord Former
Felix HernandezFelix Groaned
Cesar JimenezAreas Kidney
Aaron LaffeyBaron Ladder
Brandon LeagueRandom League
David PauleyDavid Ratify
Michael PinedaMichael Rhode
Mauricio RoblesObtain Snakes
Chaz RoeBicy Sod
Tom WilhelmsenToo Wildly
Miguel OlivoNightfall Olive
Dustin AckleyDustin Called
Chone FigginsBiome Digging
Justin SmoakJustin Smock
Matt TuiasosopoMatt Microcosm
Jack WilsonLack Wilson
Franklin GutierrezFranklin Gathers
Greg HalmanGreg Gallant
Ichiro SuzukiSchism Sixth
Jack CustLack Bust
Denny BautistaDecoy Activists
Blake BeavanBlake Beaten
Manny DelcarmenNanny Declared
Royce RingSoybe Sing
Chris SeddonChris Freedom
Chris GimenezChris Window
Luis RodriguezJugs Forgives
Ryan LangerhansSwam Lingering

While there are some tougher names on the roster, this makes me think more about turning off the auto-complete mode on my phone. However, I am also fascinated by the seemingly high rate of alliteration. Does the predictive text algorithm on my phone prefer alliteration? I think it does.

Also, I can't find a definition for "bicy," so I'm not sure it is a word. Even if it is, it's rare, so why does my phone assume it's what I'm trying to say?

Does anyone remember Ken Griffey Jr.'s Winning Run? It's one of the more underrated baseball games of the past decade. If they were to remake the game using modern players, wouldn't auto-complete work great for their psuedonyms? Wouldn't it be fun to guess who Moonlight Olive is in real life?

Lastly, what great names does your phone spit out?

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  1. Bicy is the beginning of "Bicycle". It's anticipating.