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Arms Battle

With the volume of arms still in camp, instead of trying to pick out the most interesting players, I'll give you everybody, sorted according to a simple +/- system.

Here is how the +/- system works:

  • A pitcher earns 1 point for each out and strikeout
  • A pitcher loses 1 points for each hit, walk, hit-by-pitch, or home run

That's it. It's a quick and dirty picture.

Instead of linking to each player individually below, all of the Mariners spring training stats are available here. Without further ado, the +/- for each M's pitcher still in the hunt with a week to go:

  1. Erik Bedard (+45, 16 IP)
  2. Doug Fister (+33, 19.1 IP)
  3. Jamey Wright (+31, 10 IP)
  4. Jason Vargas (+29, 12 IP)
  5. Felix Hernandez (+28, 11.2 IP)
  6. Michael Pineda (+24, 11 IP)
  7. Tom Wilhelmsen (+23, 9 IP)
  8. Josh Lueke (+23, 9.2 IP)
  9. Luke French (+22, 11 IP)
  10. David Pauley (+20, 7 IP)
  11. Denny Bautista (+20, 7.1 IP)
  12. Brandon League (+20, 10 IP)
  13. Aaron Laffey (+20, 10 IP)
  14. Royce Ring (+19, 8 IP)
  15. Justin Miller (+19, 8.2 IP)
  16. Chris Ray (+13, 6 IP)
  17. Cesar Jimenez (+10, 10 IP)
  18. Chris Seddon (+7, 4 IP)
The bullpen is down to the toughest cuts. But first of all, how about Tom Wilhelmsen? It's hard to see him not making the team at this point, partly because he is one of the few guys already on the 40-man roster among the small names that have performed well in camp, but mostly because he has pitched awfully well.

Also, Jamey Wright has put together a quietly great spring. He might only be replacement level, but he also might be the key to keeping Pineda and Bedard healthy. Wright's experience in multiple roles, along with his pitch-to-ground-ball-contact approach, make him a great multi-inning safety net. This pitching staff is going to need that. Even if Wright doesn't add much purely based on his numbers, he might be the guy that keeps other guys productive deeper into the season.

Aaron Laffey and Royce Ring probably both made the ballclub, thanks to another bad outing from Cesar Jimenez more than anything else.

Lastly, I can see a bullpen without Josh Lueke to start this season, and I didn't see that happening all offseason.

We will see what the final week holds.


  1. I really don't think that you send Pauley as your #5 starter. Pineda has dominated on every minor league level, so keeping him down there is not going to make him any better. Not to mention Seattle fans need something to come and watch and root for besides King Felix. Let's face it, no one thinks the Mariners are going anywhere this year, so why not bring up the kid and see what he can do. This way he can work through his major league bumps in the road and be primed for a great 2012.

  2. Pauley doesn't finish the season as the 5th starter. Pineda isn't staying down all year. But, I still think that Pineda can work on his off-speed stuff in AAA. Also he can have his innings more easily limited in the minors (he is yet to throw more than 140 IP in a season), and if he doesn't come up until June or July, the M's gain an extra year of team control over him.

    Agreed, Pauley is less exciting, and likely not even better, but there are some reasons to hand the job to someone besides Pineda to start the season.