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Classic Card: '96 Upper Deck Bichette

I don't have time for a long post. But I do have time to pass along my favorite baseball card growing up:

photo from

This is Dante Bichette's 1996 Upper Deck card. There are three things I love about this card:

  1. Bichette's hair. The wispy locks creeping out of the back of his helmet hint at a potential MacGyver-esque mullet.
  2. Bichette's name on his helmet. Whatever machine that was used to label Bichette's helmet was archaic. I remember thinking it looked old when I got the card, and now it looks really old.
  3. The cell phone. I left the white elephant for the end. I just get this feeling that Bichette thought his phone was so incredibly cool that he had to have a photo taken with it. For this photo to become the image that personifies him as a ballplayer for a whole season for a company as reputable as Upper astounds me. What an action shot! I'm so jealous of that marvelous piece of technology in Dante Bichette's hand! If only I could be just like Dante Bichette!
Until the Mariners make some more news, I might have to keep posting stuff about Dante Bichette. In the process of looking for this card, many other winners showed up. Bichette was a pretty good ballplayer, but he must have been a difficult subject to photograph.