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Non-Roster Race 2012 - Week 2

Two weeks ago, I debuted the non-roster invitee fantasy challenge. Prices moved a fair amount last week. What happened after the first whole week with the whole team in camp?
  • OF Vinnie Catricala: $23
  • OF Darren Ford: $7
  • RHP Matt Fox: $15
  • INF Nick Franklin: $15
  • LHP Steve Garrison: $2
  • RHP Jarrett Grube: $1
  • INF Carlos Guillen: $50
  • RHP Aaron Hielman: $9
  • LHP Sean Henn: $1
  • C Ralph Henriquez: $1
  • DH Luis Jimenez: $5
  • SS Munenori Kawasaki: $58
  • RHP Josh Kinney: $1
  • RHP Jeff Marquez: $4
  • RHP Kevin Millwood: $59
  • RHP Scott Patterson: $5
  • LHP James Paxton: $61
  • LHP Oliver Perez: $18
  • RHP Stephen Pryor: $3
  • C Guillermo Quiroz: $3
  • RHP Erasmo Ramirez: $27
  • INF Luis Rodriguez: $18
  • RHP Forrest Snow: $4
  • C Jesus Sucre: $1
  • LHP Philippe Valiquette: $1
  • RHP Taijuan Walker: $68
Biggest gainer: Munenori Kawasaki (+$27)
Biggest loser: Matt Fox (-$13)

I anticipated cash moving from pitchers to position players this week, and that did not happen. As a collective whole, the position players are worth $1 more than they were last week. The real story of the week is the movement of value to a few select players. James Paxton and Kevin Millwood made surges last week, and maintained their value well. This week, Taijuan Walker and Munenori Kawasaki joined them as non-roster shining stars.

My portfolio turned a profit again, though it did not perform as well as last week. The portfolio started at $140 of value, and right now stands at $152. Without my share of Kawasaki, the story would be much different.

Time for trades. I will stand pat for the most part. I will sell Aaron Heilman at $9, and purchase shares of Sean Henn ($1), Stephen Pryor ($3), Forrest Snow ($4), and Philippe Valiquette ($1). As of now, here is what my portfolio looks like:

  • Vinnie Catricala (2 shares)
  • Darren Ford (2 shares)
  • Nick Franklin
  • Sean Henn (2 shares)
  • Munenori Kawasaki
  • Josh Kinney (2 shares)
  • Stephen Pryor (2 shares)
  • Forrest Snow (2 shares)
  • Philippe Valiquette

Join me in the non-roster invitee fantasy challenge! Prices are set based on news and blog articles written about a player (according to Google search data, using the player's name in quotes, and including Mariners as a keyword). Once players begin to get cut, their value will be dispersed equally among remaining players in the market, to ensure market efficiency (no overall money is gained or lost in the market as a whole). Start with $100, and only buy 1 share of a player at a time. Check back next weekend for the next installment.

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