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2015 Non-Roster Invitee Rankings, Week 2

The early part of the spring wraps up with the first round of cuts, which should come any day now. So, some of these non-roster invitee point totals are about to become final, for better or worse.

A reminder of the point system:
  • 1/3 point for each out (- for hitters, + for pitchers)
  • 1 point for each walk (+ for hitters, - for pitchers)
  • 1 point for each strikeout (- for hitters, + for pitchers)
  • (batters only) 1 point for each total base, 1 point for each stolen base, 1 point subtracted for each caught stealing
  • (pitchers only) 3 points subtracted for each home run allowed
Here are the rankings going into this weekend (total +/-, change in point total from last week)
  1. Tyler Olson (19, +13)
  2. Endy Chavez (13, 0)
  3. Tyler Marlette (12.33, +3.33)
  4. D.J. Peterson (11.83, -0.33)
  5. John Baker (11.67, +2)
  6. Jordy Lara (11.67, +6)
  7. Jordan Pries (11, +5)
  8. Mike Dowd (9.33, -0.67)
  9. Rafael Perez (9.33, +2.33)
  10. Stephen Landazuri (6.67, -0.33)
  11. Patrick Kivlehan (6.5, -7)
  12. Justin Germano (5.33, -2)
  13. Steven Baron (5.17, -0.33)
  14. Franklin Gutierrez (5.08, -0.67)
  15. Mark Lowe (4.67, -1.33)
  16. Shawn O'Malley (3.67, -0.33)
  17. Carlos Rivero (3.33, +1.33)
  18. Sam Gaviglio (1.67, -8.33)
  19. Forrest Snow (-3, -3)
  20. Joe Saunders (-7, -12)
Biggest Rise: Jordy Lara (up 10 spots)
Biggest Drop: Sam Gaviglio (down 14 spots)

The real takeaway from this list and these standings is that the Mariners have about as uninteresting a group of non-roster invitees as imaginable. Tyler Marlette is sitting in third place on the strength of some well-timed singles and stands to be among the first cuts whenever they come. Joe Saunders has been awful enough to lay to rest any suspicions he could grab a left-handed spot in the bullpen. Perhaps Tyler Olson gets himself in the mix with his phenomenal spring, but he profiles as rotation depth. In reality he's auditioning for a call-up midseason if/when injuries hit. He is the non-roster story of the spring to this point though - a true darkhorse, unlike more heralded prospects like D.J. Peterson and Patrick Kivlehan (who have also made solid accountings for themselves).

This list should naturally separate some more as players get cut and players on the bubble of making the roster get more playing time. The points system is designed to favor "compilers," which in other words means players that play more should be able to earn higher point totals.