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2015 Non-Roster Invitee Rankings, Week 3

The Mariners trimmed their spring training roster quite a bit this past week, meaning the team is taking shape and this list is about to stop moving around. A reminder of the point system:

  • 1/3 point for each out (- for hitters, + for pitchers)
  • 1 point for each walk (+ for hitters, - for pitchers)
  • 1 point for each strikeout (- for hitters, + for pitchers)
  • (batters only) 1 point for each total base, 1 point for each stolen base, 1 point subtracted for each caught stealing
  • (pitchers only) 3 points subtracted for each home run allowed
Here are the rankings going into this weekend (total +/-, change in point total from last week). Players in bold are still in MLB camp, and thus still in the running for a roster spot:

  1. Tyler Olson (21, +2)
  2. Jordan Pries (13, +2)
  3. Endy Chavez (12.67, -0.33)
  4. Jordy Lara (12.67, +1)
  5. Tyler Marlette (12.33, 0)
  6. Patrick Kivlehan (12.17, +5.67)
  7. Kevin Correia (11, +1)
  8. John Baker (10.67, -1)
  9. Mike Dowd (9.33, 0)
  10. D.J. Peterson (8.83, -3)
  11. Stephen Landazuri (6.67, 0)
  12. Carlos Rivero (6.33, +3)
  13. Justin Germano (5.67, +0.33)
  14. Steve Baron (5.17, 0)
  15. Franklin Gutierrez (5.08, 0)
  16. Shawn O'Malley (4.67, +1)
  17. Mark Lowe (3.67, -1)
  18. Sam Gaviglio (1.67, 0)
  19. Forrest Snow (-3, 0)
  20. Rafael Perez (-3.33, -12)
  21. Joe Saunders (-6.67, +0.33)
The Mariners ended up making two rounds of cuts between rankings updates so the grim reaper did some serious damage on the non-roster invitee list. However, as I mentioned last week, this is not an interesting group of players. There is only one story at this point, right at the top of the list. Tyler Olson has opened eyes with his performance this spring and launched himself into legitimate consideration for a bullpen spot. He has outlasted Lucas Luetge, who was cut this week and sits on the 40-man roster (for the time being.)

The only other somewhat interesting question is how long the Mariners will let Joe Saunders continue to pitch in their camp. He has been pretty awful and I don't see any way he makes the M's roster. It seems to me that they are doing Saunders some favors and letting him try to show whatever he has left for other teams so that he might be able to catch on with someone at the end of spring training. At least that's what I hope the Mariners are doing because the Mariners have several better options than Saunders available in camp, including the aforementioned Tyler Olson.

Check back next week for the updated standings, though with most of the non-roster invitees gone the list is going to stagnate quite a bit.