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More Pitching

Fernando Rodney
The Mariners have signed a trio of arms since the last time I wrote. Might as well lump them together and call it a blog post. Here they are:

Fernando Rodney - Rodney is the one of the bunch signed to an MLB deal, and will take over as closer from Lord Farquhar. By in large I hate this move, with no offense meant towards Rodney (and I really mean that! I kind of like Rodney's "magic plantain" thing). Rodney is an aging reliever with questionable control and unquestionably electric stuff. His 2012 campaign was magical, and while not quite the product of smoke and mirrors, fueled largely by all sorts of things breaking his way. Bottom line: Rodney is an old reliever with strengths and flaws. Danny Farquhar is a young reliever with strengths and flaws, and arguably better strengths with fewer flaws. I think Rodney will be a fine addition on the field, but not at the price the Mariners paid. Inefficient investment, which the M's can't afford to make because apparently they don't have much left since signing Robinson Cano to a massive deal.

Randy Wolf - Nothing will probably come from Wolf's minor league invite, but I like it. Wolf is an aging lefty coming off of Tommy John surgery. He didn't pitch at all last year, and was roughly replacement level in 2012. He'll have to be a born-again pitcher to be an asset...but Tommy John surgeries spur pitcher revivals from time to time. If Wolf finds a second wind with his new elbow ligament he brings a decade of solid starting pitching to the table. My best guess is that he's out of gas, but I don't mind at all that the Mariners decided to find out if he has something left. The M's should always look to bring guys in like this because Safeco Field can cover warts as veteran pitchers shake some rust off and try to revive their careers.

Zach Miner - Miner is pretty much the definition of a replacement level pitcher. I expect him to quietly produce some solid innings in Tacoma. He's coming to camp on a minor league deal, so no qualms, but I'm not going to write more unless he lights up the Cactus League - which he won't, because he pitches to contact, as evidence by a career K/9 rate below 6.

So there you go, more moves, none of consequence, other than the bullpen shuffling around for no good reason.