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2009 Championship Series Odds

I should have stuck with the odds for my picks in the division series. Only the Angels pulled off an upset, and that was an extremely minor one at that. I only correctly picked the Yankees to advance, so maybe I am due for some better luck. Once again, odds in the series will be updated as games take place, but my picks will not change.

AMERICAN LEAGUE - Angels vs. Yankees

Yankees won series 4-2

Odds of winning series: Angels 0%, Yankees 100%

My pick: Yankees in six games. They are simply too good. There will likely be several bullpen battles in this series, and New York will expose the Angels overrated bullpen, particularly Mike Scioscia's irrational confidence in Kevin Jepsen. Yeah, Jepsen throws hard, but the Yankees will hit him even harder. It's hard to believe it has been eight years since the Yankees were in the World Series, and begrudgingly I have to say that it's even harder to believe they will go nine. This sure looks like the team that will break the "drought."

NATIONAL LEAGUE - Phillies vs. Dodgers

Phillies won series 4-1

Odds of winning series: Phillies 100%, Dodgers 0%

My pick: Dodgers in seven games. I feel very uncomfortable picking either team in this series (probably not surprising since I picked against both of them in the division series). The Dodgers have been fading slowly all year. The Phillies are good, but not back-to-back World Series kind of good. When in doubt, I guess I will go with the numbers. Cliff Lee faded some down the stretch, and though he looked terrific against the Rockies, he won't reel off such spectacular starts against LA. Clayton Kershaw will have at least one dazzling start. Most of all, the Dodgers bullpen won't melt down, like the Phillies one is bound to at some point in the series. Overall, this is a battle between two good, experienced teams. This could be a memorable series.