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Projected MLB Standings: 2009 Review

The regular season is over, and thus project standings Fridays are over until 2010. The projected standings live on through the playoffs, though through the series odds page I update nightly.

Even thought we are now in the middle of the playoffs, it is still Friday. This post will officially wrap up the 2009 projected standings. I kept track of the a team's projected record each time I updated the standings, just to take a look at the results at the end. They are summarized in the table below.

The analysis is very simple. Each team's projected records were sorted from worst to best. The most extreme record was thrown out. This was either the team's highest win, or highest loss, total. This is the record in the "outlier" column. The median is the middle record in the data, the mode the most common record, Q1 is the record in the middle between the worst and median record, while Q3 is the record in the middle between the median and best record. The minimum and maximum are self-explanatory, as is their actual record. Teams are sorted alphabetically by city name. Click on the chart to enlarge it:

The projected standings give a good feel for how the season went. Several teams, like the Yankees and Twins, surged. Teams like the Dodgers and Pirates faded. Looking at the outliers, it's clear just how useless the projected standings are for the entire first month. I figured many teams would have wacky projected records, but almost every team's most extreme record was from the first week. Don't be surprised if the projected standings debut the first Friday in May next year.